We are a bunch of eccentrics out there to change the world. Have risked fascinating corporate careers to chase a dream of empowering small and medium skilled workers with a digital way to better their lives and the lives of customers. And have got friends who have come along and joined the journey because they believe in the vision of a branded home services market. If you have it in you to drive the mandate of creating a home services marketplace, do write in to us what you are doing currently, why a career at Buzzdealservices fascinates you, how you can contribute, and we will figure out a place for you, if our teams finds it interesting. We are currently looking out for :

Customer Care Executive

We are in the look out for young, female candidates with the gift of gab who can front-end liasioning between customers and service agents for best service quality delivery. Excellent phone skills and problem solving ability is a must and information analysis and documentation skills an added advantage. In a start-up environment, multi-tasking is a way of life and the candidate is expected to be adept at it. Should be a keen listener, focused on conflict-resolution and eager to contribute to the company’s growth as a team-player.

Network Development Executive

Must get a kick seeing skilled workers getting their life organized and empowered through the power of mobile. Has to be a dream seller above anything else and for doing that, must himself / herself believe in the dream.

Business Development Executive

Smart individuals who find field time far more fascinating than in-office time. Should have a knack to come up with innovative association ideas that can help us add customers on the fly. U can Freely Contact Us.. By Buzz Deal Services Pvt. Ltd